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We provide special care to horses that need rehabilitation from injuries or illness. Our hospital care program includes daily care for whatever may be required to help return horses to their normal selves. Our care includes:

Rehabilitation from injury for equines
$15.00 / day (includes board)
All medications and products to be provided by owner

Current Patients

Past Patients


On January 3rd we had one of our own horses in need of our loving care. Jake ended up somehow dislocating his left hind fetlock joint. We had him stabilized by our vet, Dr. Robb, and the next morning we transported him to the veterinary college of UPEI. Upon arrival, Jake was x-rayed and checked very thoroughly, and then sent back home with specific instructions and a shot of morphine in the spine. Eww!

Jake is now at home under orders of 8 weeks of stall rest with a splint. We are happy to report that at this time he is doing very well and we hope to see Jake back in light work by the middle of the summer.

Jake-O is making great progress; his splint will be coming off in the first week of March and then the rehab exercise will begin. Thanks to all who have spoiled him during his ever-so-boring stall rest time. A special thanks to David Hayne, our farrier, for his quick response to our emergency call the day that Jake dislocated his fetlock, and also to Holly Hartman for her weekly massages of Jake, he just loves them!

Jake is now back to work and doing great!

Jake-O's Gallery

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Robbie, the silly man, cut himself on something out in the pasture in late January. Dr. Robb had to make another trip down to stitch him up. Seven stitches were required. Robbie is now healed up very nicely.

Robbie's Gallery

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Elmor is a Percheron gelding that belongs to Shirley Harrison from Antigonish. He was at RSEC for 2 weeks in January 2010 due to an injury, and was admitted to our hospital care program. He had somehow cut himself in four different spots all along his rump area, resulting in very infected, gross gushy gashes. He spent his days with us under loving care and was 90% healed upon his return home.

Thank you to Shirley for entrusting us with her Elmor, it was a pleasure to have him.

Elmor's Gallery

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Dexter is a 10 year old QH/Trakehner gelding that belongs to Vi and Jerry Julien. He was here under our hospital care program for about 8 months in 2008. Dexter had slipped on the ice and gone into the splits, severely pulling the tendons, ligaments and muscles on his hind end. Upon seeing the veterinarians at UPEI, he was transferred into our program and was rehabilitated over the next 8 months.

Dexter's care took hours of massage, bandaging, administration of medication, and then eventually slow rehab by hand walking. His prognosis had been that he would most likely have to spend the rest of his days locked in a stall, but with our persistent work and combination of care he was able to go back to under saddle work to participate in our Fall Competition in October of 2008. We thank Vi and Jerry for entrusting us with Dexter's care and are ever so happy for having given him the chance to recover from such a severe injury.

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