Reaching Strides Equestrian Centre offers Driving Lessons, Buggy rides, Sleigh rides, Romantic Buggy/Sleigh rides for 2, and a Wedding Buggy ride option.

Gift certificates available!

Driving Lessons

Our lessons vary with each individual student. Everyone has different interests, learning styles and levels of ability so our priority is to work with each individual to offer them what they need the most. Ages for driving is anyone age 8 and up including Adults and Mature students! If you’ve always wanted to learn how to drive, we can help you make that dream come true.

We will be covering proper harnessing, which will include proper fitting and adjustments. Then we will focus on learning how to use the reins through ground driving using various exercises to ensure you are fully comfortable guiding your horse before we venture out and actually allow you to sit and drive in the cart. We are quite flexible in the lessons and we try to accommodate each individuals goals and requirements.

How long does it take to learn how to drive?
Everyone is different and everyone has a different way/speed of learning so our main focus is on teaching you solid basics so that you will learn to drive safely. We suggest between 10-20 lessons at minimal for you to be comfortable with the basics, but it may take longer depending on what you want to do. Once you understand the different use and correct way of handling the reins (lines) for communication, then the art of driving can begin. With driving, it is very similar to learning how to ride. There is lots to learn, and like with everything the more time you schedule in, the faster you will learn. Some people can go home and drive a well trained horse after just a few lessons, but like anything else - you just can't learn it all right away. Just like riding a bike, riding a horse, or driving a car, it takes time and practice to be safe and efficient.

Our Driving school will be open year round, along side of our Riding School. We will work with anyone age 8 and up, who wants to learn how to drive horses for the first time or who have been driving but want to improve their skills for pleasure or shows. We currently have one horse here to use for lessons or students may bring their own horses if they are well trained to drive.

We will only be offering private lessons at this time.

1 hour lesson:


Buggy/Sleigh Rides

We offer Buggy and/or sleigh rides for up to 3 adults or 4 children, with a few different options.

1 hour ride:
$50/person (min. 2 people)
$40/person for children under 12
Children under 5 ride for free

30 minute ride:
$30/person (min. 2 people)

Romantic cart ride for 2:
Take your loved one for a romantic ride around our beautiful trails, or to a specific destination.
$125 (max. 1.5 hours)


Wedding Buggy Ride

Have you always dreamed of arriving at your wedding in a horse drawn carriage? A truly unique and romantic experience. Imagine you and your beautiful flowing white dress, arriving at the church or wedding sight in our beautiful horse drawn carriage. All weddings are enchanting, but adding a horse-drawn carriage ride can turn your special day into an event that none of your guests will ever forget. RSEC can help make that dream come true.

We are so pleased to be able to offer this very unique service for your very special day. We are currently offering this service for weddings happening in Port Hood or close surrounding area.

Fee varies, depending on length of service. Please contact us for more information.